The Big Pairs Well With... Product Launch

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Do you remember? The seventeenth night of September?  (Cue in the “ba de ya’s”. Earth, Wind & Fire, anyone?!)

I sure do! That was the night that started it all…

Carin and I scheduled a working session to talk about me taking a more active role in Pairs Well With… which, up to that point, I’d mostly been doing behind-the-scenes photography. And, of course, helping Carin drink all the wines at local events. #perksofthejob

carin sarah pairs well with brand team

Photo Cred: @rachabellaphotography

We met at The Vine Room in Hopkins, which was the start of another wine adventure for me on that fateful night­­ (I’m now a TVR Lead there), and let our passion and wine flow! It was truly a meeting of the minds as we talked about how to expand the Pairs Well With… business. I kid you not, Carin and I had the same idea, at the same time! It’s true what they say, sisters stick together like fat thighs.

Right away, the idea of a product launch was thrown out there by Carin. I thought, “I could get on board with that.” But what were we going to produce? I thought of a recent purchase I’d just made of a travel-sized perfume and it hit me–we should make wine-inspired perfumes! And, taking it one step further, we could make them flight friendly! Carin and I love to travel, as many of you know, and wine is usually part of our adventures. So, it just seemed fitting!

And wouldn’t you know it? Carin was thinking perfume too! And, adding to the flight-friendly aspect, she contributed the idea of vintages. So we knew we had a long-lasting idea as we could evolve the different wine scents year over year. Bring. Home. The bacon! (Does anyone say that anymore??)

Pairs Well With... Working Session

This is what behind the scenes looks like: lots of wine, lots of planning.

With our ingenious product launch idea locked and loaded, we called it a successful first working session. The first of many, of course. In the months to follow, we conducted market research, officially became business partners, met with an attorney, researched POS and expense tracking options, found a vendor partner to assist with production, created our first scents, etc. (insert all the various tasks small business owners need to attend to–and trust me, there are a lot of them).

It’s been a labor of love, with moments of joy as well as frustration. We’ve put in countless late nights (this one included as I type away after midnight on a weeknight) and logged endless hours learning new tools and services. But it’s been an amazing experience and a fun one to share with my sister. Together, we’re making our dream a reality.

And now we’re introducing the first ever product line from Pairs Well With… Our 2020 line of products includes wine-inspired candles and body sprays in the scents of Chardonnay, Rosé and Pinot Noir. And just as wine is released as a new vintage each year, we plan to release a new vintage of our products each year (like I mentioned earlier). Pretty fun and exciting, right? We highly recommend you stay tuned for special release goodies along the way as well!

Cheers, love and red wine,

Sarah and Carin, The Pairs Well With… Team

Pairs Well With... Pinot Noir candle

Photo Cred: @rachabellaphotography