2021 Vintage Wine Flight

Pairs Well With...

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Why buy one when you can have all three?  Try out the Pairs Well With... 2021 aromatherapy flight, perfect for both at-home or on-the-go occasions.  Bonus: This wine flight is flight friendly too, meaning that you can take one or all in your carry-on. 

This flight includes:

(1) Bubbly Wine-Inspired Aromatherapy and Room Spray 

(1) Sauvignon Blanc Wine-Inspired Aromatherapy and Room Spray 

(1) Malbec Wine-Inspired Aromatherapy and Room Spray 

Get ready to take flight!

Usage suggestions for our sprays:

There are a number of ways you can get the most out of this little bottle of goodness! Because one of the key benefits is they're linen safe! So in addition to simply treating our sprays like you would a perfume, by spraying the scent directly on your skin or on your clothing, you could also use them as follows:

* Freshen up your space - The flight-friendly bottle size makes these the perfect travel companion to take on the go and use in your hotel room or rental car to mask any unpleasant odors.

* Set the mood - Create an at-home aromatic experience to enhance your yoga or meditation practice, or even just your time soaking in a luxurious bubble bath. Ahh...

* Relax and unwind - Spritz your sheets before bedtime to help send you off to a deliciously scented slumber.